All coaching services are offered by phone, FaceTime, through Zoom online classrooms, or by appointment at the offices of Riverbend Integrative Medicine in Lakeside, MT.

“Choosing to work with Brenda Niemeyer at WayPoint Life Coaching was one of the best decisions I have made in the past couple of years. The life coaching program allowed me to focus my time and energy into areas I not only thrived in, but also ones that in the long run, fill me back up with energy and motivation. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome those natural characteristics to better perform in my daily life. I had “aha” moments about my life and the direction it was heading, thanks to Brenda, and her coaching tool box. After completing the sessions, I feel I am better equipped to be able to handle each and every challenge that comes my way. Thank you Brenda for helping me take my overly complicated world and simplify it into a much more fulfilling life.”

Sara Stone

“Brenda is an outstanding coach and a fantastic trainer. She’s one of the few people I’ve trusted to lead training calls, and a pleasure to work with in designing solutions for schools and colleges.”

John Andrew Williams

Founder, Academic Life Coaching

“Brenda has a wonderful coaching presence that allowed me to be fully “expansive” in every one of our sessions. I trusted her implicitly and felt free to bring a wide range of topics to all of our coaching sessions–things I’d never explored before. I was able to push to the edges of my growth in a way that was surprising, fun and rewarding.”

Lisa Northey

“Brenda Niemeyer is a compassionate coach who brings keen perception, great insight and a wonderful sense of humor to her coaching relationships. She knows how to ask the right questions at the right time to get you thinking in new directions. Brenda will help you explore and learn about yourself and then will gently nudge you to do more than you ever imagined possible. Her calm, upbeat and supportive style lets you know that she is right there with you as you explore new paths and overcome challenges. Brenda’s insight is both remarkable in its depth and a key indicator of her ability to listen and really hear, and the gentle way she approaches coaching enables clients to feel really safe. I recommend Brenda enthusiastically and without reservation.”

Gina Halsted

Cracking the Mindset Code

Student Challenge I had an interesting conversation with a student recently who was challenging the idea of viewing life through a positive and upbeat lens, because as she stated, “Sometimes it just doesn’t work and you need to be realistic.” Wow, what a great...

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Students & Story Changers

Unwavering belief, advocacy, and a willingness to take a risk on behalf of another human being changes stories. Dream Come True WayPoint Youth Foundation is officially a non-profit organization! (Not sure how to use emojis in WP, but picture big smiles and a...

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Dream It. Pace It. Do It.

Dream It I LOVE ideas and possibilities! They give me energy and create this internal atmosphere of optimism and an ongoing sense of ooh, what's next? Along the way, I've learned an idea is really only of value if I follow through and actually do whatever I thought...

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The Truth about Donuts and Their Proven Life Benefits

The Heart of the Matter The key to a boy’s heart and mind is through his stomach, or so I’m learning. A donut (preferably a Bavarian Cream) and a listening ear unlocks all that my eleven year old son is thinking and feeling about life and school. So, we do weekly...

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Praise

Praise and Mindset Praise is a good thing right? I don't know about you, but I've always viewed praise as positive no matter what form it took. How can you go wrong complimenting someone and cheering their accomplishments? Surprisingly, we find that if not properly...

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Assumptions – When They Become a Lens for Life

One Simple Tool Assumptions have a crazy amount of power to shape our experience and impact what we believe to be true about a situation. If we have a positive assumption our experience is often positive. If we choose a negative assumption, then yes, our experience is...

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